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Android and iOS apps development with Visual Studio


In old times (meaning some years ago) android and iOS apps developers were “special”, skilled ho handle touch, sensors, media, with OjectiveC respectively pure Java. Once html5 and html5 capable browsers (user agents is the trendy wording), those developers suddenly became competition from “new fashion” developers who write html5 and javascript aps handled by node.js (or other xxxx.js severside javascript engine). “Not native apps” claimed the developers of pure android and iOS apps. Mobile world was more populated, but still large. Next heavy entry were C++ developers, as tools letting you “code once, run everywhere” tools came to the market. Most of them let C++ developers write android and iOS apps, same code can be packed and configured for both platforms, some also for blackberry and windows 8. Marmalade is well known such tool. Embarcadero added capabilities for android and iOS app development to their Delphi and CBuilder RAD tools. Now the mobile world is crowded, not really place for others. Who can be others?

Maybe Visual Studio and C# developers? “Oh no, Microsoft has their problematic Windows 8 thing, they will keep their direction”, most will say. Well, Visual Studio for sure, but what tools and plugins?
In February 2013 Xamarin released Xamarin for Visual Studio, a fully integrated IDE for developing Android and iOS apps in C#.
Begin of July, Digia, who took over Qt from Nokia, released Qt5 with support for iOS, Android and Blackberry. And there is a Visual Studio 2012 plugin of Qt5. Looks like integration isn’t full for developing Android and iOS apps, Qt Creator still needed for design and packaging, but the C++ code can be written, managed, debuged etc in Visual Studio. And I’m pretty sure it wont take long till full integration.

What developer category will be next to Android and iOS apps?

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